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Prepare for olympiad games, become the first one in your class who will become a HERO!
Hero changes next week!

New Season!

L2Spirit Start 2017-05-06 20:00 GMT+2

We are glad to announce our new server season, which will be better than our last seasons!
We were working with server all these days for just for you!
Bring your friends, clans and all players you know!
First clan, who kills Raid Boss gets full clan [8 lvl 160k clan rep!] (Send photo to skype l2-spirit)
So about our updates:
`Improved class balance.
`Changed Main Town [Rune].
`Clan Rep coins now gives 8000 points.
`Fixed skills.
`Siege time now 60 minutes.
`Fixed Mages critical rate.
`Fixed Archers damage.
`Added new PvP colors.
`Changed PvP Zone [Antharas Lair]
To Players attention!

We are releasing an Invitation system. It is a system where you
need to invite your friends to our server by sharing a link provided in
When you will reach needed amount of invitation, you will be able to
receive a magnificent reward - DONATE POINTS.

So what you have to do is download our server patch [IF YOU DON'T HAVE IT] and create account.
Next step is to go to ACP [DONATE]. Then login with your created account [Login and Password].
Last steps is to press on Add Points, then Invite. There you can see your invitation code. You can share it everywhere, to all of your friends and forums!

If you have any questions or any suggestions feel free to contact us via skype l2-spirit. Thank you for
choosing us and good luck in our next season!
Server system and textures will not change!

[If you can't log in to game, then disable your antivirus protection!]
L2-Spirit v4 Patch (Full (System + Textures))[Mirror]

New donate [sms]

Important!!! Before sending sms, please contact administrator! [ Skype: l2-spirit ]
You can donate by clicking:

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Top 10 PvP
1                PsycHopatH                1523
2                OBELISK                1459
3                Kenji                1456
4                2HarD2Kill                1436
5                Trauma                1334
6                VermuT                1314
7                ACM                1033
8                Spitta                899
9                OMONAS                838
10                Faltron                749
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