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Hello, If you are looking for a relaxing server to invest your time, you found your home. Our server is stable and have arround 500 active players everyday. Why join our server? In our server you can find easy farm, comfortable olympiad, massive pvp, clans vs clans battles, castle sieges every 4 days. Don't waste your time in other servers and join us with your friends!

Bring Your Clan Event

Do you wanna start playing on our server with your friends and create your own clan? We will reward you! Just create a new clan and invite your friends! Your clan must have at least 9 members, and you must make full party (9 members) and go to kill any raid boss. If you fulfill the requirements, just send us a screenshot on skype containing the Clan Name and the Clan Leader's Name. Once it's done, just wait for our review and reply.

Login: Online       Game: Online 
Players Online: 410
Top 10 PvP
1                BRD                3602
2                ACAB                3201
3                MarlboroLT                2695
4                ShaKeYourBodyFTW                2559
5                WinneR                2223
6                StrongBoy                2113
7                DontPanic                1735
8                Civa                1549
9                Diabound                1358
10                xj1malaos                1307
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